Part twelve: Time to fight back...

Posted 3 years ago by Danny Smith under Demons

“Ok, next time it shows, I'll be ready!“ I thought, as that great feeling came, the feeling when you discover something marvelous. But this something was all along right in front of my nose, but I couldn't see it, before. That great something was my faith in Jesus. I then phrased a prayer, with my own words. I put all my soul, heart, and mind in it.

After about an hour in to it I felt relieved, I knew it, I felt it, that God has heard my cry for help. When I stopped praying I felt a heavenly peace kind of thing take over, all my soul, and mind. I felt fresh, alive. That peace put an end to the chaotic storm of my thoughts, and feelings, out of darkness came the light, and out of chaos came the order... I got sleepy, and a few minutes later, I fell asleep... Dreamed of a white light, one that was everywhere, it was infinite. Nothing else was there, but light. “Okay... I'm a little confused... where am I... Or what is with me right now?... maybe an angel?... or this is just another dream...“

When I looked around, I asked: “Will this thing ever leave me alone?“ A minute later the answer: “It will, but not yet...-silence- Have faith! No matter what happens, have faith!“ The voice echoed through my head, and the infinite space, filled with light... Not long later, I wake up... It's dark. It must be night already... I felt great, alive, fresh. Did not think of anything at all, I was just laying in bed... Everything was fine, until some feeling came. I felt like, if something was watching me. Something is standing at my door... The memories, that I tried to forget quickly came around... “And now its messing around with my memories...“ I thought, as I was fighting the temptation, of getting out of bed, and going to check out that “something“ standing in the dark... I got paralyzed, so I did the only thing I could: pray. The Lord's prayer was my choice. When I got to the part “But deliver us from evil“ the thing just disappeared. Weird... I thought, and asked the Lord for protection, for the night. Then I fell asleep.




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