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Living in a house where there are lot of unimaginable supernatural activities going on is very quite alarming to those people who are at weak of heart.For me, I'm a skeptic kind of person. I always associate those things to scientific or natural phenomenon. But sometimes, I can't explain it.

My first time moving in our house is very interesting.I was still in my elementary back then and there were a lot of things that I can't explain.

Like the time when my family is in the living room with guests. It was October, and we were conducting the black rosary. The door of my room is basically closed.After a couple of minutes doing the rosary, The door of my room “clicked and open itself slowly. We were surprised and we had this kind of look like “what did just happen?.After that they went along with the rosary and me, I was attentive of my room.Suddenly, I saw a glimpse of a girl running pass by inside of my room. She was white and vivid. I was in shock but I didn't mind it because I was still a kid. I didn't really know what that was.

Sometimes I wake up 3:00 A.M. in the morning. When this happen (currently) I'll get my blanket and cover myself and closing my eyes until I get sleepy. I had another unexplainable experience when I was still Grade 6. Still in my Elementary Days.I woke up 3:00 A.M. in the morning. The sun was not out yetI walked out of bed and I faced the monitor of my brother's PC.My bed is beside my brother's PC.I decided that I want to play with his PC without his consent. I turned on the PC and sit comfortably in a chair facing the monitor.This one was the most frightening in all of the unexplainable activities going on in our house.

I saw a woman on the reflection from my brother's monitor, dressed in white with long hair facing backward just a couple of inches from my back.I rubbed my eyes thinking to myself that “Am I seeing things?I cleared my eyes and focused on the reflection.The woman suddenly turns around!.I jumped out of my chair hyperventilating not letting myself to see her face.My heart was beating fast and I was shaking. I called out to my mom, waking her up and told her that I saw a woman on my brother's monitor. She knows that there is something going on in our house but she wants us not to worry saying that they won't hurt us. But she was also mad at that time because why the heck am I up early in the morning playing the computer.

Another one is when I was in High School, and my cousin was living in our place that time. One evening when my cousin was in her room which is just beside my room. We heard her shouting and crying. She told us that she saw a white man figure on the window of her room.I was skeptic at the same time not skeptic because I had experience a lot of things in our house.But the white man figure didn't only showed up to her but it also showed up to me a couple of times.

The first time it showed up when I was in my room playing with my laptop.My family was in the living room at that time.When I turned my head facing the window. I saw a white figure.The figure suddenly got bigger and I jumped out of my bed and went outside of my room.

The second time around is when I was now in college. I just got back from school. I opened the entrance door of our house and it was dim.When I turned on the light of the living room, the room that is beside of my room creaks open. Because of curiosity, I went to check it out.Shockingly, I saw the same figure on the window. “The man in white That's what I called it.

He got bigger and he was moving. I was scared but excited at the same time, and I was in a staring frenzy. A lot of things going up in my head like:“I want to see this through, what kind of thing is this?, is this just light coming from our neighbor's house but my house and my neighbor's house is blocked by a huge wall.After the white figure was gone. I went inside of my room, dazed...My brother was in his PC playing DOTA at that time.

Old folks and relatives told me that I have a third eye. Even Lola Lilay who is kinda like an Albularyo, told me that I have a third eye.

People living in our roof always have an unexplainable experience/story. Even the Housekeepers (currently we have none, and don't plan to have one anytime soon) they also experience things...Neighbors told us that soldiers and people were buried just beneath our house because of the Japanese regime.

We were planning to move out in the future not because of the fact that our place is haunted. But other reasons.But I like it here, it feels cozy. Or maybe I'm just accustomed to these things and I don't really mind it. But all in all I'm still Skeptic


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Daniel Dumas
Hey another scary and well written story! Your 3rd eye seems wide open, my father had that gift too, my grandmother told me that's the reason why I can sense or feel ghosts, I acquired it to my father she said, but I don't want to get in to that level like yours hehe, I only seen once (I will share to this site soon), I don't wanna see anymore, feeling them is fine, but actually seeing them, NO thanks! haha

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