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Have you ever heard of Sad Sam & Honey plush dolls? If not, they're basically just plush dolls that says "I Love You" when pressed. Well, my wife(girlfriend at the time) thought it would be cute and bought me one as an anniversary gift- really? A plush doll with really big eyes for a guy? Anyways, I accepted and threw it in my closet. Whenever she came by, i would take it out and place it on my bed- she would get all excited and start to play with the doll. I asked her if she wanted it back, and she said "No." She loves cute things, and she bought it for me (I think she was trying to tell me that I am supposed to buy her a Sad Sam since she bought me the Honey model). I never did care much for the doll, so I decided to just leave it in the closet. After a week or two, my girlfriend still asked for the doll every time she visited, but I never took it back out. I just told her it was being taken care of. Not long after that, my girlfriend stopped asking for the doll when she came over, and I was fine with it.

I remember one night while sleeping, I heard "I love you" from the closet. It scared the **** out of me. I opened the closet, and the doll was there in the upper compartment just looking lifelessly at me. It freaked me out, so I shut the closet door and went back to sleep. The next night, the same thing happened again, this time, I was getting really freaked out that I wanted to throw the doll away. I called my girlfriend to see if it was okay with her if I threw the doll out, she angrily replied that if I hated the doll that much, she'll come by and retrieve it tomorrow. I agreed and hung up on her. Still facing the closet, I anticipated another "I love you" phrase from the doll, but the it remained silent. I went back to sleep. Not even after an hour of sleeping, I heard the closet door started to slide open. I thought it was my brother, but then usually, my brother would slide the door all the way in one instance- this closet is being opened really slow like someone was trying to be sneaky. I got out of the covers and looked at the closet, and to my surprise, the door was opened- about a foot wide, just enough for that damn doll to escape. This was more than enough for me, so I took out the doll and placed it in a bag to cover those big bulgy eyes. I tied the bag really tight and threw it in the garage. That night, I slept very comfortably.

The next morning, my girlfriend had arrived and was talking to my mother in the living room. I was still in bed, so I decided to get up and prepare for the day. After brushing up, I walked to the living room and I was shocked to see what was also in there- that doll. It was in my girlfriend's lap, looking at me again. I asked her how she got it, and she replied that it was on the dining table when she arrived. I asked my mother if she placed it there, but my mother told me she thought it was me that placed it there. I ran to the garage to find that bag, and I did find the bag. The bag had been torn open!

That day, me and the girlfriend went on a picnic at Discovery Park. While my wife set up the picnic, I sneaked away and toss that toy into the lake. I never saw it again, and to this day, my wife still thinks I had something to do with the missing toy.


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Interesting. Glad nothing Bad happened to You or your Mum or Wife.
You're luckier than you know, Most possessed items come back pissed off at being thrown away.
You should have given it to the local church and told them about it.
They would have dealt with it properly.
Where is it now? hmmmm, OUT There Somewhere.

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Daniel Dumas
woah eyes droped well that scared the shit out of me! this is why i hate dolls! waaah horror

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Cha Yang
I;m with you on this one Daniel, I never liked dolls. I'm fine buying it for others, but never receiving it. As to where the Doll's location, it remains unknown. Actually, I do know where it is, and since it is made of cotton, it should have soaked up and sunk to the bottom of the lake; then again, with currents and such, it could have ended up fished and dried up in someone's bedroom. I don't believe in giving possessed items to anyone; I think it needs to be taken care of immediately- even though I'm pretty sure I took care of it wrongly.

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Michael Edelstein
I have also had an interesting doll experience. Be careful of attached items you just never know what you are buying especially if it is a used item from a thrift store.

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Cha Yang
@Michael Edelstein: You know what, now that I think about it, I never asked my wife where she had bought that doll from. The doll is a brand named doll, so I just assumed it was bought at the mall or something- might be worth looking into, just not really wanting to revisit the past.

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Sometimes the past has a way of catching up with us ;-)
Stay safe.

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Michael Edelstein
My problem was even worst as I had three spirits in my thrift store doll. I got rid of the doll quickly but one of the spirits decided to stay with me. It sounds like you were really lucky and had only one spirit and you quickly disposed of the item which seemed to work. Every case is different. Many times a spirit in particular a malevolent spirit will release from the doll or vessel kinda of like a supernatural booby trap and then attach itself to you. Then you would really have some problems. Best of luck.

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arce lozano
Discovery Park? What city do you live in?

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Cha Yang
Curious? I live in Sacramento, CA.

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Lucy Vang
OMG, I have like 10 of these dolls. Not only are your stories creepy, now I am finding I own artifacts of your stories too? Too scary.

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Theresa Greer
I'm like others on here this is why I don't like dolls either. They are super creepy and you never know if one has been possessed until it's alone with you. eyes droped horror shocked

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Lucy Vang
But they're so cute... stories are what makes them scary.

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Cha Yang
I'm not to sure on that one...

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