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I always believe in Ghosts,Dwarfs, **Kapre and many more. I always believe they're real.

My grandmother Lola Nene have a witch blood in her veins. she was born in Siquijor an island province, located in Mindanao. there were a lot of beliefs that Siquijor is a cursed place. my grandmother's grandmother's mom is a true witch back in the days. She used to say that one of us, her grandchildren will inherit the gift of seeing and feeling the unknown, there are four of us, my cousin Pea and her sister Precy, my brother Francis and Me. She has the gift up until now.

The witching hobby of our bloodline ended when Lola Nene's grandmother married his husband. they decided to leave Siquijor to have a normal life but they both know they can't escape the "gift". She was one of the heirs who inherited the gift which made Lola Nene's father had it too. it's like a disease actually only they call it Magic or Majica, passed on only to ones bloodline unlike the **aswang they can give it to anyone who is willing to have it.

Like i said my grandmother has it, the Majica. I was like seven when she started telling us stories which made me believe it cause I always hear it since I was a kid and my mother said it was true not because she has seen one but she can feel it.

My cousin Precy keeps telling us she sees someone in someplace but when we try to look there is no one, so we all thought she have it. but what we didn't know was I have it as well. I was like a late bloomer. I was 9 when I first saw it, old people call it **Sigbin. I first saw it as a kid running around our back yard. I saw him through my window I screamed at it and he ran but a few minutes later a pig was sitting down on a stone exactly facing my window it was almost 12pm I was at our province in Surigao del Sur, everybody is already sleeping and it was a very quiet night the very reason why I was bothered by the noise it made, it was skweeking like a calling skweek.

When I looked out my window again I saw it sitting but what made me stare at him was his light red eyes looking at me. that moment I froze, remembering my grandmother's stories and the worst thing is it stood up like a man still looking at me.

I can hear its bones breaking as it move, its hand changing. next thing I remember was I was staring at a dog, a big ass dog growling at me. I can't move. it was moving closer to me and i cant move. so I screamed as loud as I can, when my mom heard me, the creature knew that it was time to go so it ran to the darkness. I told my mom, my grandmother, my family about my experience, they placed a sundang or a grass knife all around the house especially in my window to scare it away.

Since then I started seeing things, Dwarfs, Kapre, I was terrified at first but as time flies I got used to it, I just ignored them as Lola Nene advice me to do. But things didn't stop there, a year after my uncle Tating got cursed and he needs an Albularyo (a witch doctor). He was getting weaker and weaker everyday. we asked help from a lot of Albularyo from our little town but no one wants to help simply because they said "Our house has alot of entities living in it, some good but most of them are bad, and the one who cursed my uncle have a very strong Majica that they cannot defeat".

If you don't know, when you get cursed by someone and you want to fight it, it's a battle of magic, the strongest wins and if you loose you'll die. that's what happend to my uncle, he was dying until Lola Nene's 3rd degree cousin knew about my uncle's condition, not because somebody told him but because he felt magic running around and it wasn't his. so he went looking and BAM! He found us and decided to help us.

He was a true witch. He traveled from Siquijor to Bislig just to help us which is really nice though my Lola didn't like his company, but she doesn't have any choice because she needs all the help she could get. He was a strong witch. He defeated the Majica and learned who cursed my uncle, but that's not all. He told me that He saw a Sigbin luring around the house waiting to get in. Why? I asked, because it wants to kill me, he said. Why? I asked again, and he said because of what I said to him back when Iwas 9 yrs old. that terrified me.

He was old and He was frank. He said it wants to kill me. how did he know this? because he talked to it. ridiculous. I know. the only barrier I have that's why it cant get to me is the anting anting my grand mother gave me. Im still wearing it now. it was a strong one simply because my Lola's grandmother's mother made it. My Lola's cousin told me that he made all the bad entity leave the house for a fair deal. "I'm becoming very old but still I'm scared to die" he told me "but i can't possibly stay forever" he said. I thought he was crazy telling me things I don't understand but when he left my uncle got better, but some of the huge trees my grandmother was so very frightened to cut in our front and backyard just died, weeks after he left our home we just heard that he died, then it hit me, the 'fair deal"... maybe demons took his soul. I don't know.

Up until now i can see them. hear them. even feel them. I'm in fourth year college and is studying on a school full of ghost, bothering but I'm used to it. I'm sharing this because I want to remind you all that never bother something that you cant handle. me? I can see them, hear them, I want to keep distance, because I know what they can do. So please. stop the spirit of the glass or ouija board or anything that could bother them. JUST STOP! your making the balance worst. they're too much bad thing in this world.

Notes:** Kapre is a Philippine mythical creature that could be characterized as a tree demon** Aswang is a vampire-like witch ghoul in Filipino folklore**Sigbin or Sigben is a creature in Philippine mythology said to come out at night to suck the blood of victims from their shadows


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    Daiz Bon
    We don't have witch bloodline, but from time to time I see other things normal people don't. But that's OK. I'm quite used to it. (",)

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    Marga Torrefiel
    I also don't have the witch's blood. but I can possibly see, feel and hear things. :) but by your witch blood, maybe you have something that I don't have. :)

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    Roselyn Daniel
    I am a Siquijorian and I strongly believe that Siquijor isn't a cursed place. I don't like our place being called as a cursed place. I don't like people believing that Siquijor has witchcrafts. Maybe that was in the ancient times but today, it totally vanished. And, Siquijor is not part of Mindanao. It is located in Central Visayas..

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    Daiz Bon
    I hope admins will put like buttons on the comments :) just a suggestion

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    Roselyn Daniel
    Hoping the same here daiz .. :)

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    Emily Gisultura
    Roselyn.. im sorry if i offended you. but people from my province keep telling me that siquijor is a really scary place...never been there so im not really familiar where it exactly is i just guess its in mindanao cause were from mindanao... LOL. fail... yes i agree that maybe on ancient times there are witches there my grandmother's story is an ancient one.. it started from her ancestors from i think 1800 but what i disagree about is when you said that it totally vanished. my grandmother's 3rd degree cousin has a daughter. she still lives there. i don'tknow if she still contnues witchcraft but you know what i mean. maybe your the kind of girl who believes in what she sees. witchcraft isn't really done out in the open. if your really a siquijornon and doesn't believe that your place is cursed then you wouldn't mind exploring your provinces. try asking who can curse or barang someone. see if someone shows up. then your wrong.

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    Emily Gisultura
    If someone is curious? i don't do witch craft. i just see something naked eye can't.

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    Scare Diaries
    @Daiz: You wish is ourcommand! Like buttons are now added on the comments, notifications will also be sent whenever someone likes your comment! :)

    The ScareDiaries Team

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    Daiz Bon
    Thanks! :) noticed it already

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    Danny Smith
    Okay... witches, and witchcraft... asking around to see if someone can curse someone else... and making deals with demons and calling it a “fair deal“...

    About time for someone to say that


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    Matthew Dennis
    Socially acceptable by culture. Entities thrive on fear. When you know of them or consider them, they tend to be regular. When i say socially acceptable, i mean the population recognizes them thus giving a way for them to stick around. The whole witch blood line, usually its about sin. Characteristics past down. Kinds like your mom tells bad jokes or bites her nails and so do you. That sort of thing. Except more involving when its exposure to the spiritual world. Same thing as your father being a math genious and you are as well. Basically everything is passed down. Even spiritual exposure or awareness. I wouldnt say its something you can only get, i would say someone wayy back when decides to be concentrated in it. Not bashing you, you are different in whatever ways, but ive come across the similar things. All of it had to come from embossing my self in it and focussing with meditation. Anyone can see the stuff if they want to but usually the idea is way too scary. People dont like to think about it. Now youre scared of the shit. As well you should be. Not telling you to be, but unless you have clearance or protection, theres not enough stopping them. You understand more than most the rules. The line however does not end at the natural laws you know more of, the line ends at the laws of good versus bad. The more you understand that, the better protected you are. There are better solutions, but you have to look in the right place. :)

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