Sleeping Coincidences

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My friend and I just found an odd occurrence that seems to happen whenever I sleep.If it were just happening to me, I would dismiss it, assuming it were nothing more than just a weird habit I somehow picked up over the years, however, this happens to whoever sleeps in the same room with me.The first time we noticed this, Antje and I were in high school having a sleep over at her house for her birthday. We had a couple other friends there with us, all of us packed together on the basement floor.Like usual Antje and I were the last ones awake, so we lay there talking in the pitch dark, playing with the glow sticks we had previously been wearing for a little dance party. Our speech hesitated when we noticed one of the glow sticks rise up off of the ground across the room before we realized it was just our friend sitting up and looking at us. She sat there for a moment looking over at us before laying back down with a sigh and falling back to sleep. We laughed about it, finally falling asleep hours later. To this day we will still bring up that incident and have a little laugh.The next incident happened a couple years ago, I had a friend come up and visit from Florida. That particular night she happened to get a little shit faced so I had to sleep in the living room with her to make sure she didn't choke. Part way through the night she slowly slid herself from the couch onto the floor before getting up and walking towards me, I was laying on the floor watching her carefully. She squat down right in front of my face, put her hands on her knees, and watched me, slowly turning her head. Confused, and thinking it was because she was still intoxicated, I told her to go back to sleep.Surprisingly enough, she listened, walked back over to the couch, lay down with a sigh and fell back to sleep.Another story we bring up from time to time.Now the next incident happened much more recent. The night of January 29th, my nephew was having a sleep over with myself and Antje, who was over for her birthday. At about ten my nephew went into my room to go to sleep while Antje and I stayed in the living room talking. We were up until about five in the morning before deciding to try to sleep as my nephew usually wakes about seven in the morning. I slept on the couch, Antje slept on an air mattress another friend left behind. At about seven in the morning Antje awoke to use the restroom before coming back into the living room to try to get some more sleep. She told me after I woke up that I had slowly slid myself onto the floor before crouching down next to her and staring at her, slowly tilting my head. She was getting ready to ask me if I needed something when I got back up onto the couch, laid down with a sigh and fell back to sleep.These are only three occurrences that someone has been awake for, but it seems that most times that I sleep in the same room as someone, one of us goes through the same motions mentioned before. I'm not entirely sure what to think of this.


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