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Who isn't for some hot summer fun? I'm so glad to be done with Finals and school exams; could really use a break! So what did I do? Me and a couple of buddies decided to hit the beach and do some sight seeing in San Francisco. Dang it for my 6th sense, it had to ruin it for me!

Last Tuesday (05/26/2015), me and my buddies decided to go and visit San Francisco (SF) for our short summer break (summer school resumes on the 9th of June). I was the driver, and 3 of my other buddies planned the whole trip. Before we left, I kissed my wife goodbye and and gave my daughter a hug, of course she responded to my hugging with a really loud and stinky fart! To commemorate our trip, my buddies decided we should take tons of pictures; but, they had one condition, all films had to be on old-school "kodak" clickers(Google it)-seriously, we live in the world of smartphones now!

Having not done any of the planning, I was responsible for driving us "to and back" from SF; my friends led the way. I didn't use a GPS or anything as we used to hang out in SF quite a lot back in the days, so I knew where I was going most of the time; however, the places they had set up, I had no idea how to get there. The whole trip was literally, "okay, turn here... now make a right at that light..." It SUCKS not knowing where you are going, especially with SF traffic!

It was around 10 AM when we got to our first destination, it was just another big boring building. Actually, it was more like a big church building, there were so many people going in and out of the place. I couldn't see the building name as I was literally blindfolded by my buddies; the reason- they told me I had to get out of "retirement" and "lived" the life again. I know, that phrase was probably confusing, but it'll make much more sense to you guys as it did for me at the end of our trip. The building had all kinds of weird looking "charms?" on each of the doors. There were some red ones, and some of them were gold; almost random charms on each door. We didn't have a tour, so one of my buddies just lead the way since he was the one who chose that location. Tim, our host, told us we should take lots of pictures of just random stuff, like doors, empty hallways, and the basement. Actually, what was weird was, the basement was sealed off, and at the end of one of the hallway, there two pipes coming out forming an "X" on the ceiling with a sign reading "Do Not Enter-" weird huh? Well, that was our first destination, and I was blindfolded again when we walked out so I wouldn't be able to see the building name. However, when we got to the car, I looked at the rear view mirrors and saw the building name, it read "Cameron House." (Tim, you forgot I have to see when driving)

Our next location was so random, we literally stopped at an elementary school. Really? What are these guys up to? Sarah blocked my visual since this was her location and made sure we pulled into the school at the side of the building so I couldn't glimpse at the name. We walked in, either the school was closed or on holiday break, cause it sounded really empty except for the footsteps of our walking. When she finally took off the blind fold, I was standing in a bathroom stall... (talk about randomness to extreme levels). She instructed all of us to pee while she recorded the audio of our peeing (again, randomness to extreme levels, or weird fetishes). So basically, we just stopped at this random school to use the restroom (road trip potty break anyone?), and it was a girl's bathroom too since it had no urinals, and then left? WOW!! Awesome sight seeing Sarah! What Sarah didn't realize was, in the stall I was in, there was a Library book sticker on the wall, and it read " blah, blah, blah,... Property of CCS Elementary School, blah, blah, blah..." So, I at least knew where we had just urinated.

John's location was a park, but not a random park, even if he didn't blind fold me, I knew this park. It was really familiar; I even took some pictures here with my family. All we did was drive around the park in circles for 30 minutes, then we left. I have to admit, John was pretty good at choosing which turns to make, as the name of the park was never visible to me; but I already knew that it was the Golden Gate Park. John seemed to be a little upset, so he told me to speed up. Seeing how it was a Tuesday, and not much people were on site, I sped up to 40-50 mph making sure we didn't drive in an area where people were; all of a sudden, a patrol car popped out of nowhere behind me. The cop flagged me to pull over, and believe me, my heart never pounded so fast. I was so angry at John!!! Since we were by the exit already, John insisted I pull over outside of the park, which I did since it actually seemed logical to not block the park roads. We pulled over, waited, and I yelled at John. He just kept on laughing, and no one knew why; it was not even funny. I just tried to keep calm and placed my head on the steering wheel, and waited for my ticket, waited... waiting... still waiting... after what seemed like 5 minutes of waiting, I decided to look up to see why the cop hadn't come over to my side of the door yet. But how odd, there was no patrol car anywhere, John kept on laughing and told me to just go. I decided to wait another 15 minutes, but when no patrol car ever stopped by, I finally left.

Our next location, I was not allowed to drive. Tim told me there was no way I could avoid seeing where we were going, so it was better if he drove the whole way while I remained blindfolded. I trusted him, and pretty soon, I was walking on grass. I thought to myself, we're either in another park, or ... anywhere that has lots of lots of grass? A loud door creaked, and we walked in. Tim told me that we were going to walk fora bit while exploring this building, but I had to remain blindfolded the whole time (This trip is NOT going the way I imagined summer break) I was on the outer edge and used the wall as guidance; Sarah closed to me so she could hold my hands if something was to happen while the other guys walked on the opposite side of the corridor. We walked and walked, and the temperature suddenly became cooler, actually, it became quite cold. I asked them where we were going, but no one responded. I also no longer heard any footsteps, so I yelled out, "Hey, if you guys leave me here, I'm going to seriously leave SF without you guys- and you guys can find your own way home!" My threat broke their silence and Tim yelled back, "okay, come back now, that's far enough!" I thought to myself, Tim had to yell back? Wow, these guys did let me walk alone quite far from them, and blindfolded too. Just when I was about to undo the blindfold, Sarah grabbed hold of my hands and and marched me towards the gang, speedily. I actually almost tripped. Tom and the gang was laughing, including Sarah- but she seemed to be so much further away from me than by my side, which was weird because she was just holding my hands. "That was pretty good, and I got it all on tape" exclaimed Tom; with that, we left. I never knew where we went to.

We took a lunch break, it was actually quite late already since these guys did some bad planning and we drove too much all around the city looking for these spots, so we decided to get a hotel for the night. Sarah had already made reservations at a hotel which she intentionally did not let me know, and just told me how to get there, turn by turn. It was one of those older building place, something like out of a European movie, and old classic type of hotel building. I was blindfolded and led into our room, I don't even know what room number we were in! We talked and played games all night, then finally slept; Sarah had her recorder on the whole night, every now and then, someone's camera would go off and it flashed the whole room.

The next day was a normal day, we spent it like anybody else would; shopping, normal sight seeing, Art Museums, and China Town! At the end of the day, we came home and and went to John's house to develop our films. Everyone was in shock at our development, and they also told me the locations: (Google them for more in depth details)

1) Cameron House- supposedly caught fire and killed many immigrants, now their souls haunt the place. Red and Golden Charms are placed strategically to calm the angry spirits-some of the images had white apparatuses by doors, the "X" hallway had a dark apparatus

2) CCS Elementary School- while in the girls bathroom by the stairs, one may be able to hear a ghost praying.-No images were taken, but audio did record something barely audible, we think it said "Hail Mary.."

3) Golden Gate Park- A ghost cop patrols the area; if you pull over outside of the park, the ghost will not come after you.-No images, but awkward experience.

4) Neptune Society Columbarium- Haunted cemetary, guests have known to be touched by spirits.- The video recording Tim had was me walking into a dark corridor by myself, all of a sudden, my right arm flapped to the side and lead me back to the group. Sarah never held my hand.

5) Queen Anne Hotel, room 410- it is said that the original owner of the place died and remains to haunt the building. Room 410 was her room.- The recording recorded static, several clicking noises from our cameras, and a really loud fart. Our camera caught nothing, those idiots just kept on taking random pictures.

After I dropped them off, I was a little scared. So that's what those guys were talking about, getting me out of retirement- if you have been reading my stories, you'll understand that I used to ghost hunt; I've stopped for several years now. On my way home, I stopped at a red traffic light, I swore, I felt a gust of wind as if the passenger door had opened, and then the car shook as if someone had gotten inside my car. Great, now I'm probably haunted or something...


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Matthew Dennis
The cemetary, aww :). Nice of the entity. And dont your friends know why you quit? Not cool. Wish you the best.

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Cha Yang
They do, it's just that I used to do those kind of stuff with them and I guess people cherish old memories.

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Matthew Dennis
yah you told us about your adventures. thankfully they didnt do more involving things...

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