That Summer day...

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About 8 years ago, I was still 18 at the time, me and a couple of my buddies decided to go and hang out at an old farm that's been long abandoned. I remember the sun was at it's highest, so it was probably around noon. We got to the farm and started horsing around, trashing the old house and simply looking through what was still left inside the old place. The house had 4 stories: 1 basement, 2 stories, and an attic. The previous owners made use of all their space; the basement was turned into a once beautiful bedroom, and even the attic was turned into a living space- it even had a refrigerator up there! We were stoked at how much efficient these people were. There were 3 of us, Robert, David, and me- so we each took a floor. The basement was left for everyone to go in together. I got the attic, so I pulled down the latter and climbed on up. The attic was so beautiful. Of course it was covered in spiderwebs, and books were everywhere, but you can still see how it used to be. There were 3 twin beds up there, and a really clean refrigerator. I guess they only stored drinks in it since there was no sign of food or even crumbs at all in the fridge. There were lots of pictures. I decided to go though the pictures; they were all images of girls. I'm guessing the family only had girls. Each girl was dressed up in cotton dresses, something like what people used to do on Sundays. There was about 12-14 different girls in total, and they seemed to be around the ages of 9-14 years old. The attic was probably the smallest floor, only around 1800 sq ft or so was converted into the living quarter, so I got done real quick. The attic also had a circular window at the end of the wall that lets natural light into the room. I went to the window to look down at our truck to inspect the view these people enjoyed for so many years. I saw 3 little girls standing on the bed of my truck looking straight back up at me. They were all dressed exactly like the clothing that I saw in the pictures, none of them had any expression on their faces. They all stood perfectly still just staring at me. I wasn't sure if they saw me or not, so I hid. "Great, this house is not abandoned, the owner's were probably just on vacation" I thought to myself. I decided to peep outside again, slowly, I raised my head to the window trying me best to hide my figure and peeped outside. There were no girls, no one. I quickly climbed downstairs to warn my other buddies that we've been found out. I got to the second floor and realized how huge that floor was. The first and second floor of the house had to be around 2400 sq ft each.; that's humongous! There were about 8 rooms on the second floor, so I quickly opened each door and did a quick search for Robert. Room after room, I couldn't find him. As I close-in on to the last room before going downstairs, I heard talking. It was childish talk, and lots of whispering and giggling. I slowly opened that door and peeped in. I saw Robert still rampaging through the giant drawer; his backpack seemed to be filled too, so I guess he's found lots of great stuff. But, behind him, were 5 little girls just standing perfectly still. They were all looking at me, whispering, and giggling, without ever moving their lips or showing any kind of facial expression. I assumed Robert couldn't hear or see them and I was probably the only one. All of them were as pale as can be, and this creeped me out so bad. I slammed the door shut and backed away from the room. The door flew opened, and it was Robert. "What the hell dude? You scared the shit outta me!" yelled Robert. "Let's go, there's something wrong with this place... I'm outta here." I stuttered. We both ran downstairs looking for David. He was sitting down on a sofa, perfectly still. His back was facing to us so we couldn't see what he was doing. We called out to him to get the hell out of the house, but he didn't respond. He sat perfectly still. Robert was infuriated and quickly walked to where David was, then froze. Slowly, he back away from David. His face grew pale, and I could tell he started to wet himself. This was scaring the shit out of me too.I slowly walked towards the opposite side of Robert and circled around David so I can see what's going on. I looked at David, nothing was out of the ordinary. David was perfectly normal, but without and facial expression. He was looking down at his feet. So I walked closer to him calling him, but he didn't respond. I notice there was an air conditioning output on the floor, and David was staring into it. The output was badly damaged, and most of the corrugated metal strips on it had rusted away. If you weren't careful, your feet could fall right in and injure yourself. As I got closer to David, I notice there was a girl's face staring straight up under the rusted metal AC output plate. She was as pale as all the other girls I've seen, and then the most scariest thing happened, she blinked!That blink triggered something inside of me and I ran and grabbed David's arm and slapped Robert back into reality. We all ran outside of the house and into our truck. I tried starting the truck, but the truck wouldn't start. I looked back at my two panicking friends in the back seat through the rear view mirror, I could see the fear in them and how much we've been sweating. Then, I caught a glimpse through the rear view mirror, it captured the side of the mansion, and around 10-12 little girls were all standing outside of the house starring back at me. I wet myself so bad, still struggling to start the dang truck, then finally it ignited and the truck turned on. We sped away from the farm as fast as we can. We never went back to that place, although it was only 20 minutes away from Robert's house, we were scared poop-less. We all assumed the little girls were ghosts, but what if they weren't? Then it would mean all 3 of us adults were scared of a dozen little pale girls for no reason. Regardless, none of us wanted to confirm the truth. All I can say is, whatever Robert bagged in his bag that day, his luck's been downhill since. He's lost his house, he's lost his job, his girlfriend also cheated on him- he even got into a fight with David, so they're no longer friends too! I guess it's only a matter of time before Robert and I go our separate ways too.


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    Earl Taylor
    you cant just abandon your friend anger try and help him man.

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