The grating ghost!

Posted 3 years ago by Roselyn Daniel under Ghosts & Spirits

This happened when I was still in my elementary years.

It was Saturday then when I get bored doing nothing in our house so I decided to set a visit in the school where I was studying. Riding my bicycle, I wander in the whole campus. Minutes later, I decided to go home. I was almost in the gate when I heard a sound coming from the HE (Home Economics) building. It was a sound of someone grating a coconut. "Oh that's probably Ma'am Melba" I thought. Ma'am Melba was our teacher during that time who took good care of the said building. Curious of the thought, I get back and peeped inside. I was shocked when I saw no one . But the grating sound still continues. I was stunned for a moment trying to digest what is really happening. GOOSEBUMPS! I can feel my heart beating so fast and I was totally scared. I drove home as fast as I could as I can feel my body trembling in horror. Since then, I got scared even just to glance in the said building.


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    Allan Bert Cortavista
    anu po tgalog ng grating?

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    Roselyn Daniel

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