The Great Aunt I Never Knew

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I was about 9 or 10 years old (1984 or 1985) when I can say for certain that I saw a ghost. I was on my way home from the school bus stop and I always stopped to let my great aunts dog out to go potty. My aunt worked afternoons and her dog was an old schnauzer who could not hold it in. That afternoon I had to pee so bad so I quickly put Max on his chain and headed down the hall to the bathroom. Just as I was passing the first bedroom on the right I stopped dead in my tracks, there was an old woman hanging cloths in the closet, I stepped back and looked again but she was gone. I was not scared just surprised. Anyways I went and finished my business, let the dog in and went home (we lived 1/2 a block up from my aunt) thinking that I was seeing things. A few days later I decided to tell my mom about it she asked me what the woman looked like and I told her she was old, short gray hair and she stood kind of hunched. My mom said lets go see Aunt Jess and see what she thinks. We walked over and I told my aunt the same story you just read she gets up and gets an old picture album turns a few pages and asks me "is this the woman you saw hanging things in the closet?"It was same exact woman in the picture. Turns out it was my great aunts older sister who owned the house before my great aunt did, she had died a few years before I was even born. My Aunt Jess reassured me that I should never be scared of her if I ever saw her again because she was a very kind woman and would never hurt anyone. I never did see her again but I think I felt her sometimes when I would stay in that bedroom when I visited my aunt.


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    Cha Yang
    cute story

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    Lisa Hudon
    that story is kinda sad. have to wonder if she is at peace, or if she is just stuck. that happens, many spirits don't move on for personal reasons, unfinished business. revenge...what ever. I hope I am never stuck here. if I come back, I want to be helping others. that is what guides do, apparently.

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