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Hi, I am not good in writing, not good in English. So I would humbly appreciate if you don't judge the grammar.

So, this story happened way way back in my high school years. About 7 years ago. It was Saturday night, I remembered it was after I've done the laundry. By the way we don't have any house helper nor budget to send it to laundry shop. So at an early age I was taught to do house chores.

It was around 2am, when I laid my back on my bed. I just laid flat, and took my back on rest. Then I closed my eyes, I was not asleep yet. I know I am not. That was just about 15sec, my mind is still so awake. Then I started feeling an ice cold feeling in my toes then it slowly numb as it slowly elevates to my knees, my hip, my limb and numb my whole body. I forcefully opened my eyes, but It only opened halfway. Then at the corridor between wall and window I saw a very dark, huge, arm slowly extending and reaching out to me. Its fingers are so long and it has a very rare hair, it looks like a needle. As it reaches me, I feel like my body became very heavy, and my lungs numb too, that it forbids me to breathe fully. I was so scared and tried so much to scream but not even my tongue can move. I did closed my eyes back and repeatedly prayed. It took about 2mins of praying before the numbness slowly disappears. I feel the warm from the center of my heart spreads throughout my body. Then I immediately move my finger, and bend my knees. Still closing my eyes, I promptly get off my bed and turned my head towards the door. Walked out the room and stayed with my mama overnight.

I haven't told my mama for what happened the next morning. I know she wound just say. I require prayer, and need to strengthen my faith. However, I have thought maybe it was due to physical exhaustion. Up until today, I do not have answer on what really happened.


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