The Man in Black Cloak

Posted 3 years ago by Marga Torrefiel under Demons

It happened one summer night.

Me and my sister May, built a mini tent in our balcony. We were planning to spend a night there together because we heard from our cousins that every night they always see a lady in white dress in our balcony.

As a child, we were motivated to prove that it's not true and maybe they all made it up. So, we slept there comfortably hugging each other.

In the middle of the night, maybe around 2 or 3 in the morning, I suddenly felt uncomfortable. It felt like a hot breeze in summer morning. I was sweating hard like a pig. I tried to get up with my eyes half-open and call my dad, but unluckily, I cant move myself.

So I opened my eyes slowly, and got terrorized to what I saw. I saw a man, not my Dad. Because from the built of his body, he's thinner compared to my dad. He was wearing a black cloak and luckily he's not facing me. I tried to wake up my sister but she won't wake up. I thought that maybe she can't hear me so I shouted near her ear saying, "May, please wake up. I'm seeing things again but this a man this time. Please wake up! I'm scared.". She still didn't move.

The man slowly turns his head around. We were facing face to face. But actually I can't see his face, it's blurry.

I tried to wake my sister but there's no use. The man slowly walk towards my direction. I'm shaking and I can't breathe. I'm having my asthma attack again. I'm starting to get panic. So, I closed my eyes hard. Trying not to peek. Wishing to sleep again and this is just all a dream.

After a few minutes, I slowly opened my eyes.

Horror. It is the right word to describe what I felt in that time.

I saw the man's face. An inch away from mine. He was whispering things to me. I can't hear him clearly. All I hear is "Come with me", "don't be afraid". He keeps on repeating it.

I can't describe his features properly because it was covered by his cloak's hood. All I can see was his mouth, saying things to me. I blinked three times. Wishing it will disappear. But it didn't.

I tried to calm myself. Closed my eyes. And silently prayed "Our Father".

By the time I finished praying, I keep calling God's name. Hoping that he'll help me and make the creature vanished.

I opened my eyes, only to found out that I am already alone. The man in the black cloak disappeared. I prayed again and then fell asleep.

After that thing happened to me, I never tried to sleep again in our balcony and stay in a place where no lights are turned on. I am afraid that he'll show up again.


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Chelsy Francess Peculados
This was probably just a dream, sometimes dreams seems like a reality but turns out they're just a manifestation of our subconscious :)

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Daniel Dumas
F*ck (sorry), having a face to face with an entity/ghost or whatever it was that you saw, is like the scariest thing for me! I would really freak out if that happens to me! haha

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Marga Torrefiel
@Chelsy: I don't know. Maybe it is but it still haunts me.

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Marga Torrefiel
@Daniel: You never experienced having face to face with some entity? if yes, then your cool! hahaha :D

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Daniel Dumas
Haha I would just like to be cool then! haha, not yet, but I already saw some, but face to face? no and no thanks I will surely run when that happens haha :)

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Marga Torrefiel
hahaha :D I want to see your reaction. hahaha :D Don't run it might follow you :D

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Gail Dominique Clifford
I think you were experiencing Sleep Paralysis :) we often see shadows with sleep paralysis. Like Chelsy said, "manifestation of our subconscious"...It's like our mind's defense mechanism (sort of) because we get scared when we can't move. We can't move because we're entering the phases of Lucid Dreaming.

But who am I to say? Lol. It's a nice story tho.

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Girlie Witham
shit..shit..and i dont want this happen to creepy...omg.

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Glad it hasn't happened to you again, the worst thing about MOST of the dead is,
They despise the living as we have what they don't, LIFE.
Never be fooled or follow an entity if they ask you to, Their intentions are normally not the nice kind.

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Danny Smith
Well, could be sleep paralysis, BUT if it was, then you couldn't have talked to your sister(asking her to wake up).
It was a demon, that is 100%! Whatever it says, do not listen to it. Information coming from demons, is always designed to make people scared.

If you could tell us a little more about what happened, maybe some of us could give you some advice. I read, that it still haunts you... What does it do exactly?

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Maddy GhastlyGhost
Always keep, purified water (holy water) or salt crystals next to you and if you need to have some form of night light in case something like this may happen again.

Keep a torch by your side too, evil entities hate light it's a form of repellent but may not always work as some entities are immune or have a special power to protect themselves from light.

I recommend that you go see a spiritualists (witch doctors, sharmsens or any form of evil cleansing being). I'd also be careful in case the man in the coat may appear again. And whether it says things to you like 'come here' question it (2-3 questions max otherwise it'll get pissed) if it does get pissed use the salt and chant anti-demon slangs that should banish the spirit. big smile

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Matthew Dennis
-_-... I read this story before. Said nothing. You did the right thing. There is a permanent solution. Talk to me if you wish.

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