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i have been living with my boyfriend since october 2014 in his trailer. i had not spent much time at the trailer before moving in but i did get a weird sense about the bedroom at the way end of the trailer. about a week after being at the trailer i was alone in the living room, my boyfriend was at work with his son and werent going to be back for awhile. so i get up to go to the kitchen when down the hall i see a man in all black standing there. i looked away, even though i see paranormal things a lot this bothered me. i even saw someone standing in the back bedroom just last week, i was coming out of the bathroom, i peaked in and saw my boyfriend kinda hunched over like he was looking for something. i went down the hall and i see my boyfriend in the kitchen! i knew i had seen him just a second ago in the back bedroom! it is just him and i here so it wasnt anyone else. i always feel uneasy at the trailer. even now while i write this. i think whatever is here also messes with peoples minds and emotions because i have noticed bizarre changes in my boyfriends behavior and even i feel weird, depressed, angry even nervous when i dont have reason to be. i actually dread coming home. the bedroom we share sometimes creeps me out, i feel like im being watched and have even noticed the bed has been unmade when i always make it in the morning and the trailer is empty. one morning in december i was awoken by someone breathing on my face! i felt warm breath on my cheek and when i opened my eyes no one was there. my boyfriend has also been scratched on the chest. weird white marks show up out of nowhere on his chest! i also hear footsteps in the living room sometimes when im alone. its a very weird atmosphere at the trailer.


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Daniel Dumas
Hi Nicole maybe it was you who are haunted? I mean, I read your other experiences and it looks like they are following you wherever you go? shocked

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nicole class
i have often thought that i was haunted. ive experienced paranormal accounts since i was very young.

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Mikkaela Green
shocked very creepy!!!!

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Girlie Witham

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Have you considered having the place blessed and cleansed?
May help.
Stay safe all the best.

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nicole class
i have the thing is im not a religious person so im not sure how much good it will do.

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If you believe it's there then it comes down to believing in yourself, There is more than one way to get rid of a ghost,
Look into some protective glyphs maybe,
Belief is an odd power, Sometimes it only comes down to acknowledging the possibility of something greater than ourselves to make it work for you.
Example : Look at all the sceptics that have a seance and they get to talk to a spirit.
Whatever you chose to do YOU must believe it can work that is where the power comes from, not the book you get the info from.
I hope this helps in some way Nicole,
I have tried to send you some of my energy to help protect you and you boyfriend I hope it helps.
Stay safe be positive all the best.

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