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This happened last night, in my dream. Which was weird.

I was in school, posting some crazy pictures of mine in Facebook. Suddenly a notification popped. I opened it. I thought it was some ordinary likes or comments from my friends. I was shocked when I read it. I was tagged in someone status with my picture in it (which I don't know who is that 'someone' is). The guy said that I am flirt, gold-digger, bitch, and etc. People were putting some comments in there, telling that it is true.

I cried. Really hard. I'd never experienced such thing in my whole life. I knew to myself that it is not true. I went home immediately, I ditched my class because of the humiliation.

I was in my room, alone and crying endlessly. When I felt tired and sleepy.

I was half-awake when I felt someone seated right beside me. I can't open my eyes, maybe because I am too sleepy or maybe it's the effect of the familiar song, but instead of being afraid I felt calm and comfortable of the presence of the woman.

I was still sobbing that time. Saying to myself not to get affected on it. I didn't mind the woman, she's just watching me while I am crying. What surprised me is when she whispered something in my ear. Saying, "Honey, don't think too much. Don't stress yourself thinking about those creeps. You are a kind person. Let them think what they want, they don't know you well. Always remember that, judging people without looking at the mirror is like a boomerang, the words that you've thrown will come back without you knowing it."

As I am digesting the words she said, I stopped crying. I felt the urge of hugging that someone without looking who she was. Minutes later, she kissed my forehead and whispered again.

"Be careful, people around you maybe nice, but not all of them are your true friends. Choose well, my dear. And always remember, I am always here. Watching you and your siblings. You may not see me but I am always here. Remember that." and then she began to vanished.

I tried to stop her, saying, "Please don't leave me alone. I'm scared." but she vanished in a blink of my eye.

I woke up, catching my breath like I've been in a race. Remembering my dream, and especially the last words that she said, "Remember, granny loves you more than anything. And I won't let anyone hurt you. I love you, Honey."

I look at the picture of my granny in my side table. I asked her, or maybe myself.

"Gran, is it you?" and then I fell asleep again.


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Daniel Dumas
Hi Marga, wow that was sweet and creepy (yeah I know, even if we know the ghost who's visiting us, we sometimes still gets afraid hehe)

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Chelsy Francess Peculados
well, that was sort of creepy but some stuffs was unclear, still, this was a good follow-up after White Lady.

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Kev Louis
Sounds like a subconscious reflection of all the comfort your grandmother brought you. Either way, I am glad she was still able to help you despite not being alive. I am sure her spirit, if such things exist, would be comforted by that.

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Matthew Dennis
haha aww

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