Whispers in the Dark

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When I was younger my sister and I shared a room.

We had bunkbeds, and at night time when we were supposed to be sleeping, she would look over the edge of the bed at me and we'd talk.

One night I actually fell asleep before she did, I have a really hard time sleeping some nights.I remember the next morning very well.

I had been awake since about five in the morning, like most kids, and Billie finally came out of our room at about nine. She seemed a little, scared.

Being the caring little sister that I am, I asked her what was wrong. I was 9 and she was 13, so it worried me to see her acting this way.

She told me that she heard me say something so she looked down to ask what I had said. She said when she glanced down, I was fast asleep, and there was someone crouched down next to me.I was shocked, she was claiming that I was talking to a spirit in my sleep. No one in our family could do that, at least, not that I know of.

My siblings and I were never truly children I don't think, we were very mature for our age, we were practically grown ups from the moment we turned five, so when I saw how bad it scared my sister I tried to suppress the ability that I had just found out about.

Some mornings she woke up frightened, but most mornings it was like everything went back to normal. Soon there were no more incidents at all.

After about a year, we completely forgot that it had ever happened. And then we went on vacation. I don't remember where we were going or where we were, but I remember staying in a cheap hotel. All of us crammed in a two bed 'suite'. Regardless, we were having a great time, dad had went across the road and got us some blizzards, we laughed, we talked we watched a movie on the shotty tv. Before we knew it, it was bed time.

Mom and dad to one bed, Billie and I to another, and my poor little brother had to sleep on one of those roll cart beds. Everyone was fast asleep before I finally doze off. A couple of hours later my sister woke me up, yet again with a bewildered look in her eyes.

She whispered my way, trying not to wake up the rest of the family. Apparently, I had been mumbling in my sleep, so it woke her up. When she opened her eyes, there was someone standing at the foot of the bed. I don't remember if it was a woman or a man, but she said as soon as she woke me up, they were gone.

My sister still randomly brings that story up, and still to this day I can tell she's frightened by it.That's why I haven't been able to tell her that it sometimes still happens. I've only caught myself actually doing it once, but it was enough proof for me to realize that my sister really wasn't making it up.

I am now 23 years old and I am living in the house that I grew up in. I live alone with my cat, who sometimes shares my experiences with me.

On a night not too terribly long ago, I was laying in my room (my parents old bedroom), Jojo was curled up across my legs like she always is, and I was quickly slipping into dreamland. For some reason during the night I woke up, only slightly.

As soon as my mind barely drifted into consciousness I heard the word hello escape my lips.Across the room, I heard a response. A young man's voice, and he sounded excited, like someone who had been trying for countless days to communicate with me and received nothing in return.I felt Jojo jump up and saw her look in the same direction I had heard the voice.

I was so tired I turned over, barely noticing how my cat stood her ground, before falling back to sleep. I've always wondered if I should record myself while I sleep, to see if I catch anything. But, I'm also worried about what I might find.


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Lisa Hudon
ya, scary. you should tho. record yourself, of video tape. I have video taped before. only saw shadows, but still.
a little unnerving to think someone is with you at such a vulnerable time.

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Daiz Bon
yeah, just like the movie, paranormal activity haha...joke!

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The fact that your sister could see who you were talking to when she was awake is interesting as well.
Do you see ghost when you are awake? Or only your sister?
Being young most kids are opened to the spirit world, So it said by the pro's of the field.
The place in between sleep and awake is where the ghost of the world can talk to US.
If you haven't been hurt Don't be scared of it, As you said they are just trying to talk.
Sometimes they don't know they're dead, they are trying to understand why no one will talk to them.
Be careful if you say ( Do you know you're dead, Some spirits react violently hearing those words ) With those heightened emotions some ghosts Become Poltergeist's.
I hope you and your family are safe and well, all the best for the future.

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KymE Chimera
@Lisa, I'm thinking of doing it this weekend. I don't have a video recorder, just a voice recorder. It is a little unnerving, but I've only had a few times where I had bad feelings after waking.

@Daiz, If this were like paranormal activity, with the recordings and everything, I would suddenly become the most religious person on earth and have every holy person imaginable in my home. lol.

@EV, When I was younger I saw spirits a couple of times, but not like my sister. We've both grown out of it though, we can still sense them but we can no longer see them.
Oh yes, I have no intention on trying to tell a spirit they've passed due to the possible repercussions of the ordeal.
Thank you, and to you as well.

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Your Welcome all the best with it, Let us know how you go with it :)
Best of luck, Stay safe.

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Lisa Hudon
I think i will try taping again, i have only 2 hours of video space. i will let yall know what results i get, when i get them. victory however... it is an old type of recorder, cassette loading. cant image the results here. sad i would not record live, and awake. This will be done while we are sleeping. i want it as innocent as possible. I am nervous now, have not done this in a while.

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KymE Chimera
I'm excited to see what you find. I'll also let everyone know what results I get, if any at all.
Maybe we'll both get lucky and catch something while we're sleeping.
I'm nervous as well, but it's also exciting in a way.

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Grace Tung
I hope so. I, too, would want the results too.

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Lisa Hudon
.my camera is charged and ready to go. finding the best location will be the challenge. a lot of testing to do. I will be doing it over a week or so as I cannot expect results in one night. should be fun once I am going. keep you posted, and thanks for your comments victory

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Daniel Dumas
waaah scary!!! Anyway, tell us the result of your recordings guys! goodluck! I'm excited, will check here soon exciting

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Matthew Dennis
hey, both lisa and kymE. The reason they communicate with you then, well lets put it like this. at night, everything is asleep. everything is somber and relaxed. the spirit world or rather That world is the fine line between ours and the definite End. The way I have seen or heard or spoken with or to is the way I have to focus into it. The only way you see or partake in it is in the calm state of your self. Its right in the middle of actions.

When you are focused on a task, your mind is like the eyes of the horse with blinders on. you dont see anything else other than the goal your face is pointed to and your eyes are looking for. as well, if you dont know what to look for and how to see That world, how can you Really focus on it? its like if you focus your eyes on a wooden chair, you can start to make out the grains and the details. If you dont know what you are looking for, how can you focus on it? Point is, we all have the ability to speak or see, hear, etc That world, some are just more focused than others. I had to develop the skill by practice through meditation. but my point.

They use that time when there is low, if none at all, energy or light. Less movement, etc. basically their weak spirits dont have to fight against opposing waves or energy to convey a message. Like having the flu and having to draw all of your strength to get up out of bed or walk or eat. same thing except its permanent for them. night time, they dont have to worry about opposing forces. like walking through water and it being harder versus walking on land. anyways. when you arent as directionaly focused with your senses, your senses actually are more relaxed and can pick up more. example, when working out, if you have a comfortable way to lift weights, it might not be the proper way, but its what you are used to. relaxed or with a trainer, you do it properly and all of the sudden youre using muscles you didnt even know existed lol.

basically, you dont know what you dont know. just try relaxing and meditating and see what your body and senses tell you or just what you find out. It comes from letting your self and life go, and letting your body, heart , and mind do its own thing.

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Lisa Hudon
ya, pretty familiar with relaxation mode. had more than my share of experiences, without a camera i mean. and ya, regarding the science behind ghosts/spirts...there is no solar wind at night... during the day, ion activity(created by the solar radiation) impairs many forms of electrical activity. ghosts are energy based so it makes sense the heavy ions impair activity during the day. at least we don't notice it because of the bombardment of electrical activity around us. thank goodness for that. imagine how strong the spirits are that can do stuff during the day, how much energy they use to do what they do. pretty amazing.
i have zero results on camera so far. my battery only lasts an hour or so, used to run for 2 hours.... doubt i will get anything. time for a new camcorder. sad

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