White Lady

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This story happened when I was still 7 or maybe 8 years old. (I'm not really sure )

It was a cold night (maybe around 9 or 10?). My parents were not at home yet. I was in our room lying in my own bed while my sister slept in the other. I was staring in our door (which is slightly open and the doorway's lights were all off) waiting for my parent's arrival.

Couple of minutes passed, when I noticed something passed by our door. At first, I thought it was my mom because it was wearing white dress. So, without thinking I stormed out of our room and went outside (not literally outside just by the door). I was looking for her, shouting "Mom, is that you?" but I received no response.

I am scared of the dark that's why I never thought of turning the switch on. I keep on calling my mom in the right side (which was the way to our basement) but I still didn't received any response. By then, I think that maybe I was just imagining things.

As I was going back to my bed, I felt something cold. A cold breeze. Which is odd because all our windows are totally closed. At first I didn't mind it, but when I felt something just passed behind me. I was shocked. Scratch that, I am literally SCARED. There is no one except me who was awake. So I turned around. I stiffened when I saw something, I mean SOMEONE.

It was a lady, wearing an old white dress. Her messy hair covered the half of her face. Her eyes were red like blood. I wanted to shout and wake my sister but when I was about to run, she vanished. Or maybe passed through the wall.

Until now, even I am already 17 I can still feel the horror whenever I remember that thing.


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Daniel Dumas
That is really scary! did you tell your Mom and Sister about it? did you freaked out after the thing vanished? because If I were in that situation, I would! LOL! :)

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Simon Kazuto XD
wow u should have screamed so that the lady will be freak out lol and sometimes u need to wake up someone to help u xD

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Marga Torrefiel
@Daniel: Yes. I told them but they didn't believe on me. They think I am crazy for making up that story. Of course I freaked out, who wouldn't right? Hahaha :D

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Marga Torrefiel
@Simon: Hahaha :D if i did that the ghost might get mad at me! hahaha :D it's her moment. :)

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Daniel Dumas
@Marga: That's the problem to non-believers or to those who doesn't have experience in these kinds of things yet, they don't easily believe! well, until it happens to them! haha

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Marga Torrefiel
@Daniel: you're right. they don't understand how we feel. Goodluck to them. (if ever it will happen to them. :))

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Scare Diaries
Hello Marga Torrefiel!

Thank you for sharing your story! your story has been selected as a "Featured Story" and has been shared in our Facebook Page. Keep posting! :)

The ScareDiaries Team

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Senica Alojado
char....marga maka choya. imung story...

IM SCARED!!!!!!!!

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Marga Torrefiel
hahaha :D thanks for the compliment. It's very flattering

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Klariza Ortiz
@Marga did you experienced to saw a black lady?

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Marga Torrefiel
@Klariza: no. I haven't. Did you saw one?

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Chelsy Francess Peculados
omg this is so good. I was really scared, like wtf. HAHAHAHA

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Alexander Fellen
red heart horror shocked cry
It means, I love it but it scared the shit out of me so I cried, Lol! grimace a good read, scary!

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Marga Torrefiel
@Alexander: I'll take that as a compliment and thank you :)

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Danny Smith
Maybe it was really an old lady's spirit, that tried to scare you. Or something else... What did you feel(anything other than fear) when it was there? did anything else happen after this?

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Ghost don't normally have red eyes, It was demonic in some way I believe or a spirit turned evil, You were very lucky to see that at such a young age alone and not be harmed, or have it attach itself to you.
All the best stay safe.

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