Windflowers and Cemeteries

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When I was about 18, I made a new friend who loved the paranormal as much as I did.I confided in her about how I had always wanted to go to the cemetery by my house, but none of my friends would ever go with me.Finally, after years of trying with other friends, I had someone to go with me.Happily we made our way to the cemetery, sneaking in and walking up the path. The farther up we went, the more uneasy we both felt.Alex asked if we could go back down the hill, because she couldn't bring herself to go down the other side.We decided to sit at a curve in the road by a set of gravestones with two large pine trees behind them. Between the two gravestones, there was an antique windflower designed to look like a sunflower perched on top of a grassy knoll.As Alex and I talked, the windflower went in and out of view, as if someone was walking in front of it.We continued talking when suddenly the flower spun frantically counter clockwise, before abruptly stopping.With a smile I asked Alex if she thought that was the wind, or an entity. Again the flower squeaked to life before halting.We asked simple yes or no questions, and would receive answers via windflower. For yes it would spin counter clockwise, for no, clockwise.Before we left I made it a point to look at the gravestone, the name read Mary.The next visit to the cemetery we could hear a faint sound of wheels and a train whistle just slightly up the hill.The following day we ventured to Calvary during the day, in hopes of finding the source of the noise.At the top of the hill, about to descend into the second half of the graveyard, we heard it again.We found the grave of a conductor, with a tiny toy train placed on his marker.The train had tipped on it's side, the wheels moving at full speed and the whistle blowing.Gingerly I picked up the toy and switched it off before placing it upright on his grave.Our encounters after that day were back to normal, no train noises, no toys going off.After about a year of regular visits to Mary, two of our friends wanted to join us.The night we were all able to go was after a bad storm, that had knocked down a couple of trees, leaving branches and debris thrown across the cemetery.We weaved our way to Mary's grave, an uneasy feeling surrounding us even at our safe place. Quietly we sat, listening to the breeze and oncoming thunderclouds.We worked past the tension to talk amongst ourselves, when we began to hear noises.Some of them the normal sounds of footsteps, while others were new, terrifying.Soon Alex could feel something, a heat radiating on her back, stinging her through her sweater.Lifting the cloth we found scratches going across her right shoulder blade.On top of the hill, a sudden sound had us all holding our breath.Mingling with the usual calming sound of a storm fast approaching, were three dog barks. Three single barks while a little girl giggled.Like a bat out of hell, the groundskeeper bolted outside, his screen door banging against the side of his house as he ran towards the cemetery.Against our wishes we had to run up the hill to the other exit, past the sound of the giggling "child", and past the shadow darting in our direction.It has been six years since our negative encounter at the cemetery, and it's been six years since we've stepped foot onto the grounds.Though we're through with the negative energy at Calvary, it doesn't seem the entity is through with me.


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